Gratitude Journal v7.0

The original is just getting better.

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Introducing the New Gratitude!

coming summer 2014

I first launched Gratitude Journal in 2008 and it's been hugely popular ever since. Now it's time for another makeover with the top requested features.

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What are you grateful for?

A gratitude practice actually rewires your brain and brings peace to your life. The features of the new Gratitude Journal v7.0 are designed to get you into a daily habit.

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For those of you who have your journal on more than one device, they will now synch so all your entries are together.

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It's important to write everyday. To help you remember, you can now create custom reminders.

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Gratitude Journal will track the days you missed and nudge you to record something great about those days.

It looks smashing too.

Starting a gratitude habit is important--so a beautiful yet intuitive design is just par for course. Recording your gratitude, reflecting on it, and sharing it with others will be second nature.

"Gratitude helped me find meaning and purpose to my life." - Oprah

Hi, I'm Carla White.

The creator of Gratitude Journal and a gratitude pusher -- I get people started on a gratitude habit and addicted to it. I'm also founder of and author of Idea to iPhone.

After my dad suddenly passed away, I was a mess. Keeping a gratitude journal changed my life so quickly and profoundly that I decided to create the Gratitude Journal mobile app.

That was in 2008 and I didn't even own an iPhone, know anything about creating apps and had a measly $500 budget. But I wanted at least 1 person to discover the power of gratitude.

Gratitude instantly shot up to #1 and has been hailed in the press ever since...making me a full time gratitude pusher. My goal is to help everyone transform their lives.

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Beautiful Testimonials

Gratitude Journal has been featured in USA Today, Oprah, Lifehacker, Elle Magazine and many other major publications and news sydicates across the globe.

More Features

Export to PDF

Save your journal entries in beautiful PDF format so you may print a hard copy.

Share Entries

Tag friends and share your entry on their Facebook timeline. You can also share on Twitter.

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10% Donated to Charity

Grows With You

The more you use the app, the better it becomes.

More Rewards

Everything about Gratitude Journal is intented to get you really addicted to a gratitude habit.

Gratitude addictions have been known to be good for your health.

This Is Your App

Your Ideas

I received thousands of emails with amazing requests. I did my best to make them reality.

Your Support

The gratitude stories you shared, your encouragement, and your friendship made this all possible.


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